About the Book

Be In Control

Do you want to successfully deliver your messages during news media interviews? Do you want to be in control and stay on your agenda?

Winning Media Interviews: Sure-Fire Tactics to Get Your Messages Out will give you the tools you need during all types of media interviews. Working with the media should be viewed as an opportunity, not a necessary evil. Whether you deal with the media on a daily basis or as just one of your many responsibilities, you will refer to this book over and over again.

You will learn how to:
  • Position your organization for success before the media calls
  • Prepare motivating messages that call your audience to action
  • Anticipate questions reporters might ask and then bridge to your messages when asked those questions
  • Use communications techniques that will make your messages "jump out" to the reporter
  • Practice the "do's and don'ts" that will keep you in control and out of trouble
  • Handle difficult and sensitive questions
  • Avoid the "tricks of the trade" the media may try
  • Practice specific skills to be effective during each type of print, TV and radio interview